26 Feb

Claire Thompson’s latest edit

After injury Claire was inspired to create a new skate edit, this kept her focused throughout her time out of skateboarding and allowed her to prepare for when she could finally get back on her board.

Here’s Claire on the making of Re(dis)cover:

“When I fractured and dislocated my elbow in June I wasn’t skateboarding for a long time so I decided to make the Re(dis)cover skate edit once I was fixed up to show my recovery and what I was doing after my injury.”

“I got in contact with my friend Finlay who is into video making and photography; he was up for getting some footage of me so I spent some time at my local skatepark getting some good tricks. After a few months of just sitting in my bedroom watching it rain and flood, I was finally able to get a bit more footage, although the rain was frustrating it allowed me to start editing the clips I already had.”

“A lot of people seemed very excited for the video to come out, as many people hadn't seen me skateboard properly since my injury, so I was quite excited to release it myself!”

“Since the edit has come out a lot of people have given positive feedback saying they really liked it and it was inspiring. I think anyone who does some form of action sports would understand that getting injured is definitely not fun and the recovery can be difficult, so I hope the video tells people that you can still do what you love despite the circumstances.”