Hello Flora!

07 Feb
For 2014, Flora Lawton – or Flo Rider as we may start calling her – is joining the Animal ranks. Based in the beautiful Croyde, Flo is the second member of the Lawton family on the surf roster with big brother Zak an established member of the team.

Flo is currently juggling the mind blowing mix of A-Levels with surfing on the world stage, and given her successes in 2013, we firmly believe she is up to the challenge. Placing 19th in the World Junior Games, Miss Lawton also racked up the 7th highest wave score of the whole contest, proving she has all the ability to compete with the best girls in the world.

Flora Lawton

We caught up with the newest Animal girl to see how she copes with it all.
So Flora, welcome to Animal! We’re pretty stoked to have you on board, are you excited?

Yes absolutely!

How did you first get into surfing?
My family moved down to Croyde from Oxford when I was five, and I soon loved to be in the sea as much as possible. Surf lifesaving was probably the thing that really got me started, but once I tried surfing I was hooked.

What are you plans for 2014?
I'm off with the British junior squad to the high performance surfing centre in Portugal, during February half term. The trip should be great fun and I'm really looking forward to surfing some better waves in warmer water!
I'm 17 soon so super excited that I can start to learn to drive, hopefully by this summer I will be able to get myself to the best surf spots without relying on a lift.

There are several surf contests lined up throughout the year, which I will be entering. Last Autumn I went to the contest in Thurso, which had the best waves I've ever seen in the UK. I'm definitely hoping this contest is on again this year, however even if I have passed my driving test I think I'll still rely on mum for a lift up there!

You’re going into you’re A-Levels, how do you mix the two?!
It’s difficult and definitely hard work, however I try to focus on surfing whenever I'm home during the daylight hours, and revising in the evenings.

We don’t miss exams!
Obviously you’re joining big brother Zak on the team, any rivalry there?
There’s no rivalry, (after all everyone already knows I'm better than him!)

Any words of wisdom for young girls looking to start surfing?
First of all I would try to have a surf lesson at a Surfing GB accredited surf school, and if you are near a local surf club, I would suggest joining that, as it’s great to have a crew to surf with. Try to get lots of waves to keep improving; don't let the boys have all the fun!

Flora Lawton