One massive tube!

16 Jan

Stokesy versus Hercules

Stokesy’s world has been totally nuts recently. On Sunday 5th January the weather warnings rolled in and whilst most people were preparing to stay indoors and avoid the storm Stoker was preparing himself for some epic adventures with Hercules. The question was, where would be pumping offshore and holding the swell?

The buoys off Lands End were reading 20+ ft at 20 seconds- a huge swell and one that hasn't hit our shores for a long time! Stokesy made different plans to everyone else and head out to a secret spot in Cornwall and was surprised to see no one else out. Looking out from the car park it was as though Mexico had come to Cornwall with solid 10ft waves, maybe bigger and really, really hollow.

We still can’t quite believe just how bonkers Stokesy is and think it would only be appropriate if the rest of the Hercules tale was to be told by the man himself:
“It took me quite a while to pluck up the courage to go out and after some faffing around I headed down, but when I got to the water’s edge it was way, way bigger than it looked from the car park and I’ll be honest I nearly turned back.”

“I managed to sneak out without too much struggle, but then spent the next couple of hours searching for a bomb with only a hand full of seals for company! I finally got one, here is the view from inside the massive tube just before my board got blown to pieces!”

Hercules tube

We’ve also been treated to Stokesy’s GoPro footage, capturing the madness. Make sure you clock how long the drop is!