Road Bike Party 2

10 Dec
Just three months after suffering a severe spinal injury, Martyn Ashton, international mountain bike trials legend, ex-World Champion and Animal pro, announces that he has today released his spectacular sequel to Road Bike Party: Road Bike Party 2.

Following the 9 million YouTube view success of the original in 2012, Martyn has been secretly working on the sequel, however his accident during a bicycle trials demo on Sunday 1st September at Silverstone’s Moto GP, England – in which he dislocated his T9 and T10 vertebrae, leaving him a paraplegic and a wheelchair user – cast doubt as to whether it would ever be finished.

‘With A Little Help From My Friends’
Thanks to some very strong friends – chiefly, Danny MacAskill and Chris Akrigg – rallying around and committing to help Martyn and videographer Robin Kitchin complete the film, the project is now ready for release.

“It’s very different to what I planned but I’m really starting to love it and care for it,” Martyn says of the finished film. “It’s a brilliant collection – you can lose the fact that we’re on a road bike as it just looks like a great piece of riding. The first Road Bike Party was all about it being a road bike but this one, the road bike doesn’t get a chance – the stuff that we do collectively is beyond what would be ‘normal’ for a trials bike. It’s exceptional.”
Enjoy the party!


Martyn Ashton Road Bike Party 2