A day with Stef Nurding

01 Nov
If you've ever met Stef, you will know she has one of the most infectious personalities around and can't help but make you smile. It's therefore rather appropriate that this new edit hasn't stopped us doing just that since we first got our little mits on it.

Stef said on it "We wanted to film a day of skateboarding and decided to try to show some of the sort of adventures you can have around here (Plymouth). We decided to go and find the full pipes on Dartmoor, people have been skating them for a while but they are pretty difficult to get to, as we found out and as you can tell from the video! We had a really good time making the video which is edited by my friends Olly Howe and Ben Cornish, it shows you through some local places that we usually skate as well as some other random stuff I get up to."

Massive thankyou to Wildflowers Band for letting us use the song 'Edge of The Road' from their new EP :) we think it's awesome!