Watch Servicing

Since the very beginning Animal watches have been designed with adventure in mind: beautifully functional, combining flawless performance with rugged durability. We know every watch tells a story and—unlike many of our competitors—we have our own dedicated horologist and service centre, meaning we’re here to continue that tale for many years to come.

Each new Animal timepiece comes with a straightforward two-year warranty, whilst our watch centre offers a full range of services: from maintenance and repairs, to battery and seal replacement. Our mindset encourages a life lived full-on but luckily we’re also pretty adept at mending accidental damage to our watches if you push it that step too far!

To find out more about Animal watch servicing, download the information below.
Instruction manuals for the latest Animal watches are also available to download.

Animal Watch Servicing Information (PDF file) Download

Animal Watch Instructions (PDF file) Download