Our watch heritage is a core part of the Animal story, beginning back in 1987 with our invention of the hook and loop strap and travelling down the years. We’ve always sought to build watches for the great outdoors; beautifully engineered to combine resilience, functionality and style. Every watch tells a story and our heritage is so important to us that we’re prepared to give you 35% off the brand new Z42 or T44 in return for getting our hands on your old Animal watch.

The Z42 and T44 form a new capsule collection for AW16, combining flawless performance with rugged durability. The Z42 goes right to the heart of the Animal watch story, inspired by the very first 001 series. Water-resistant to 200m, it’s precision built with a multi-layer dial and 120-click unidirectional timer bezel. The T44 is a tide watch constructed to the highest specifications to track the rising/falling state of the tide and tidal amplitude. Designed to endure, like the Z42 it comes in a solid 316L marine-grade stainless steel case and is water-resistant to 200m.

How to surrender your old Animal watch

• Head down to an Animal store with your old Animal watch.*
• It needs to be the whole watch (not just the strap) and of course it must be an Animal branded watch.
• Exchange your old watch in return for 35% off the new T44 or Z42.
• You have until the 24th December to make the most of our amnesty.
• Don’t worry, your old watch will live on in the care of our creative team and horologists.

Animal Watch - Z42

Z42 Marine Watch: hypo-allergenic high grip rubber strap: £130

Animal Watch - T44

T44 Marine Tide Watch: steel bracelet: £220


From the Animal archive - Do you recognise any of these classics?

Animal Watch - W080

Animal Watch - W200

Animal Watch - W220

Animal Watch - W305

Animal Watch - W420

Animal Watch - W452

Terms and Conditions

• Offer only valid until 24th December 2016.
• *Offer only valid in-store, excluding Animal Portsmouth, York or Dorchester.
• Only Animal branded watches will be accepted in the amnesty. It must be the whole watch, and not just a watch strap.
• The 35% discount is only valid for the purchase of a new Z42 or T44 watch.
• If, after purchase, you decide to return the Z42 or T44 (within the valid return period) it may not be possible for us to give you back the watch that you gave up in the amnesty.

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