When you hear the words ‘holiday packing’, do you think about sitting on top of your bulging case while you try and zip it up? Or maybe you cast your mind back to your last trip and wonder how you were able to squeeze in five hoodies and still forget your phone charger? If this sounds about right, it might be time to re-think how to pack.

Our range of beautifully functional, cleverly designed travel luggage makes manoeuvring around wherever it is you need to go a breeze, and with these handy packing tips, you’ll be organised like a well-seasoned traveller in no time. Want to pack smart? Here’s how.

Make a list

Make a list, so you have something to refer to as you pack – this will help you to work out the essentials from the ‘nice-to-haves’.

Get pro at packing - Roll your clothes

Roll, don’t fold

Roll, don’t fold, as this can help to free up space as well as keeping nightmare creases in clothes to a minimum.

Layer up

Think about layering up to suit the weather, especially if you’re travelling somewhere where the forecast is uncertain. It also means you have some more outfit options if you need them.

Get pro at packing - Stuff your socks

Stuff your socks

Stuff socks into footwear to save space – the insides of your shoes are empty spaces just waiting to be filled.

Heavy items at the bottom

Put the heavy things at the bottom of your suitcase, near the wheels, making the case easier to move.

Get pro at packing - Heavey items first

Wrap belts

Wrap belts around the inside frame of your suitcase to make the most of the space available.

Tuck leftovers

Tuck leftovers in (like extra bikinis or spare socks and underwear) to any spare space you can find once you’ve finished packing.

Think about what you'll be needing first

Think about the order of your packing; what will you be doing on your first day? Will you need to access anything quickly and easily?

From bags just right for weekends away and warm-weather holidays where all you need is your swimmers and a few essentials, to kit to rely on as you jet off across the world, take a look at our range of travel luggage for him and her. Happy holidays!

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